History of Burlington-Alamance Sister Cities...

Nov. 22-26, 2003:   Two of our members, Dr. Janyth Fredrickson and Ebher Rossi, made an exploratory visit to our prospective sister city of Soledad, SLP.

April 13-17, 2004:   Our committee welcomed the first official delegation from Soledad. Ten visitors came from Mexico, including the Mayor R. Cervantes, the rector of the technological university, and several employees of their city hall. The official agreement of sistering is signed between the two mayors on April 15, 2004.

Aug. 14, 2004:   First Annual Sympsosium entitled “Hispanics in Alamance County, 2004” at Elon University. With special presentations by Peggy Wesp, Chair of Charlotte Sister Cities, and Armando Ortiz-Rocha, Consul of Mexico in Raleigh.

April, 2005:   A group of 9 travelled from Burlington to San Luis Potosí. The group included our mayor Steve Ross, Police Chief Mike Gauldin, Sargent Todd Saunders, Blanca Nienhaus, Bob and Barbara Byrd, Dr. Powell, and other members of the committee.

June 16-20, 2005:   A group of 40 members of the Burlington Boys Choir performed in Soledad, and toured extensively. This group was directed by Bill Allred, a member of the sister cities committee.

August, 2005:   The Second Annual Symposium entitled “Just the Facts: Hispanics in Alamance County 2005,” held at Whitley Auditorium at Elon University. This included a keynote address by Armando Ortiz-Rocha, the Mexican Consul.

April 22-26, 2006:   A group of 8 travel from Burlington to Soledad, including Mayor Steve Ross, Chief Mike Gauldin, Dr. Fredrickson, Dr. Powell, Clara Vega, Ben Ansbacher, Sergio Guzman. Important advances are made in setting up the police exchange program, and making contacts at the technical college.

September 2006:  The Third Annual Forum entitled “Hispanics in Alamance County” held at Alamance Community College.

Oct. 2006:   A group travelled from Soledad to Burlington, including the Interim Mayor and Rector of the University, and others.

March 20, 2007:  Mike Gauldin (Burlington Police Chief), Sara Davis (Alamance Community College Spanish instructor), and the training director of the Burlington Police Dept. made a quick trip to San Luis last week to finalize arrangements for the month-long stay by Burlington law enforcement staff. They had a great visit and said their Mexican contacts have planned an outstanding month of classes and educational experiences. The Tecnologico de Soledad will be involved in the educational program in the mornings and Monterrey Tech in the afternoons.